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Fleet Managers

When your vehicle is involved in an accident, stolen or vandalised, we respond 24/7, throughout the year.
Highcross professionally handle every stage of the incident process, from the incoming call to the best-outcome closure. We proactively manage recovery, estimates, repairs, replacement vehicles, insurance and legal services with solutions tailored to suit our client's requirements. We have a vast approved repairer network throughout the UK. We are able to provide crucial information to help you optimise future fleet performance.

Call Handling

All calls to Highcross AutoServices are received and handled by us in the UK, we never route calls via another company or country. Every call is answered by an experienced advisor at Highcross AutoServices, our advisors will take all the required information to set in place the claims process, and collect the information which you have pre-determined, over and above the information required by the insurer.

Repair Management

Our longevity and experience has enabled us to secure some of the most professional and cost-effective repair centres into a very comprehensive national network. We subject prospective repairers to a rigorous selection processes based on location, experience, skills and specialist equipment. Our repairers are required to work to pre-agreed rates and standards, and are audited regularly against strict quality controls. The approved repairers provide a full 3 or 5 year guarantee on the bodywork repairs carried out to each driver’s vehicle. 

Our experienced team of advisors  proactively monitor and manage the repair process thus ensuring that costs and vehicle down time are kept to a minimum.

Replacement Vehicle Option

Through our extensive repairer network, Highcross is able to provide your drivers with a category ‘A’ or equivalent courtesy car whilst their vehicle is away for repairs. 

Should your driver require a particular category of vehicle to meet their business/personal requirements, as a 1st tier approved member of the Association of British Insurers (ABI), Highcross AutoServices are able to offer Like for Like replacement vehicles to your drivers, who have been involved in a non fault accident, where there is an identified Third Party.

Highcross AutoServices work in line with the ABI GTA agreement so you can rest assured that your drivers are in safe hands.

Online Services

Highcross have in place a range of online services, the aim of which is to streamline the claims process, from the time the driver reports the claim, through to their vehicle being returned to them. 

Services we offer include:-

  • Online Claim Reporting
  • Online Repair Tracker
  • Online Repair Booking In Service
  • The Ability To Submit Documents Online
  • Text Message Updates At Key Stages Of The Repair Process
  • An Online Feedback Form, which can be tailored to your requirements.

Mobile Site

Services we offer include:- 

  • Helpful Advice For Your Drivers To Provide A Guide Of What To Do In The Event Of An Accident
  • A Guided Notes Section To Enable Your Drivers To Record Important Information At The Accident Scene Using Their Mobile Phone
  • Mobile Repair Booking In Service
  • Mobile Repair Tracking Service
  • Mobile Feedback Service
  • Mobile Online Claim Reporting


When an incident is complete, our work carries on: we ensure that you have all the data you need to conduct tactical analysis and strategic reporting on every aspect of your driver’s incident history, against criteria which you have determined. 

Branded Solutions

We recognise how important company branding is therefore Highcross can offer a range of branded solutions to integrate your branding into our services. We can offer you a bespoke solution which will ensure that your drivers continue to receive the level of customer service that they have come to expect from your branding.

Please see our contact us page for full details of how to contact Highcross to utilise our services.